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23 February 2007 @ 06:19 am

eonii is where I'm at
25 March 2005 @ 07:03 pm
Wee . . . Friends only liek whoa. comment or something. X3
09 April 2004 @ 12:01 am
Um yeah. I've been thinking about this for a while. While I haven't made many entries lately, and the ones I have made weren't very interesting, I haven't really gotten any comments on the ones that actually meant something. I never do get comments really, unless I post art. And even then, I get about 5 tops. 5, out of 127. It bothers me, makes me feel like nobody reads this. Yah. I've been feeling weird lately, so that may be why it's bothering me, but . . .

Comment if you want to keep reading this. Truthfully too. Don't comment if you never/will never read this. I'm leaving some people who I know in real life and don't really comment but have journals so they can read this, have interesting journals (don't take this personally or anything . . . I don't go on LJ a whole lot anymore, and therefore don't read my friends list a whole lot.), or I've known for a while. But yeah.
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09 November 2003 @ 01:40 am
What do you reccomend when drawing technical backgrounds (like skyscrapers and stuff)? good ol' traditional media? Sketching digitally . . . what?

And does anyone know any tutorials for coloring them?

leaving this public because it's . . . well, important, while at the same time not important. ;)
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27 October 2003 @ 03:30 pm
lol. I just noticed that my sick icon sucks. XD *will fix*
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04 September 2003 @ 11:25 pm
From this point on, my journal will be friends only. If you're a real life person without a journal, I'll give you a code . . . so email me at eva@lion-king.zzn.com or something.
04 November 2002 @ 03:34 pm
friken feuer: hi
KamotzLobo: Hi
KamotzLobo: Who is it?
friken feuer: i'm el diablo
friken feuer: from tib
KamotzLobo: Oh. Hi
KamotzLobo: I don't think we've met
friken feuer: nope neither do i
friken feuer: dunderdude gave me your screen name
KamotzLobo: Oh. It must have been listed on my profile or something
friken feuer: yep
friken feuer: i guess
KamotzLobo: How did the subject of my SN come up?
friken feuer: we were talking about our buddy lists
friken feuer: a long time ago back when i first got my sn
KamotzLobo: Oh. He has me on his buddy list? I'm so oblivious to the world around me. =P
friken feuer: i guess
KamotzLobo: And so . . . You decided to IM everyone on his buddy list get to know them, see if you wanna put them on your buddy list? *Is using her psychic powers that supposedly exist*
friken feuer: no not really
KamotzLobo: Darn! Um, okay. I was just warming up. So . . . You were bored and wanted to chat, and picked someone randomly to boredly chat with?
friken feuer: noy really
friken feuer: keep guessing your getting closer
KamotzLobo: *twitch* Oooh! Crap. So. Instead of me trying to use my psychic powers that are on vacation, how about you just tell me. Um okay. Let's scratch the bored part, and just say You wanted to chat?
friken feuer: yep
KamotzLobo: Yay! I got it. Though it can't very well be counted as psychic, since it took me three whole tries to guess.
friken feuer: third times a charm
KamotzLobo: But was it random? That's the mystery of life that we all must solve.
friken feuer: k
KamotzLobo: K? That was random. Were you hinting at something, or did you just make a typo?
friken feuer: uh..... i don't know
friken feuer: i'm scared
KamotzLobo: *twitches and cracks neck* I'm pretty scary, ain't I?
friken feuer: not as much as me
KamotzLobo: Oh yeah? But . . . how can someone scarier than me be scared by me? Another mystery of life. I should write a book on these things.
friken feuer: dang computer kicked me offline
friken feuer: yep you should
KamotzLobo: When? just now? Then how did you . . . oh, I'm confused.
friken feuer: yep
KamotzLobo: I get confused easily.
friken feuer: so do i
KamotzLobo: *squints left eye, then opens the right one wide* HOW easily?
friken feuer: really easy.Why
KamotzLobo: *Grins widely, then takes out a bucket of striped paint* That's why.
friken feuer: *shoots paint*ok
KamotzLobo: Shooting paint? You took a gun and shot at liquid? I don't know how to kill a liquid, but lead sure ain't the way to do it.
KamotzLobo: Oh, yes I do. Leave it in the sun! Then it's no longer liquid.
friken feuer: *pant can*happy now.lead is the answer to everything
KamotzLobo: Another book for me to write.
friken feuer: really
friken feuer: happy now or lead is the answer to everything
friken feuer: which book are you goin' to write
KamotzLobo: Oh. If dogs panted cans, we would be hearing *clink* *clink* *clink* every hour of the day. *Watches as the paint comes squirting out of the can* Oh. You meant PAINT can.
friken feuer: yeah
KamotzLobo: I don't know. Maybe none of them. Maybe all. A whole nother mystery to life.
friken feuer: great let me know when you figger them out
KamotzLobo: What are you warning me for? What'd I do? *sits innocently*
friken feuer: wha
friken feuer: i didn't warn you
friken feuer: not purposfully
KamotzLobo: Oooh. Okies. *goes back to watching paint spill*

friken feuer: i got kicked off again
KamotzLobo: What's yer servce provider?
friken feuer: wcnet
KamotzLobo: Oh. Never heard of it
friken feuer: figgers
KamotzLobo: Eep! Level's at 40% now. Is your mouse controlling itself?
KamotzLobo: Figgers? what's that mean?
friken feuer: i guess
KamotzLobo: I mean, I know what it means, but what do you mean by that?
KamotzLobo: I'm mean mean mean! =P
friken feuer: figures
KamotzLobo: I mean, I'm not mean, but . . .
KamotzLobo: Why does it figure?
KamotzLobo: What figures? You can't just use a pronoun without an antecedent!
friken feuer: what
KamotzLobo: Antecedents are important!
friken feuer: a qua solls¿
KamotzLobo: Is that spanish? you going bilingual on me?
KamotzLobo: I wanna know, 'cause I wanna know how to pronounce it.
friken feuer: german
KamotzLobo: German?? I've never seen an upside-down question mark in German before. Learn something new everyday.
KamotzLobo: You know, that really looks Spanish to me.
KamotzLobo: Well, whatever. what does it mean?
friken feuer: it's pronounced: a(shorta sound) qua(like in aqua) Slolles
friken feuer: what the hell
KamotzLobo: In fact, I've never seen a Q in german. Oh well. What's the "What the hell" for?
friken feuer: Antecedents are important!
friken feuer: that
KamotzLobo: Well. They are! You can't hope to publish a piece of writing using just pronouns and no antecedents!
KamotzLobo: I guess you've never had an insane wolf go all grammatically correct on you, eh?
friken feuer: i guess
friken feuer: antecedents!
friken feuer: what's that
KamotzLobo: Yeah! Antecedents rule!
KamotzLobo: They're hard to explain, actually. It's like . . . hmm. let's see:
friken feuer: that's what i get for sleeping through l.a.
KamotzLobo: The pronoun "he" has an antecedent. Its antecedent could be Bob, George, etc. An antecedent is what the pronoun is referring to.
KamotzLobo: L. A.? what's that, becides the city of Los Angeles
KamotzLobo: *besides
friken feuer: Language arts
KamotzLobo: Oh. Makes sense. *is a ditz today*
friken feuer: i could care less how you spell
KamotzLobo: Yeah. Maybe you. But I'm a perfectionist, and it's a reflex. I can't help it.
friken feuer: i used to have one of those
KamotzLobo: One what?
friken feuer: but then i stopped using it
KamotzLobo: SEE? No antecedent! *sigh*
friken feuer: one of the reflex thingy's
friken feuer: i used to correct everyone's grammer
friken feuer: now i don't
KamotzLobo: Why not? it's fun!
friken feuer: no it's not
KamotzLobo: Well, that's just yer 'pinyin. Mine is that it's fun.
friken feuer: 'cept when it scares girls away
KamotzLobo: Well. I'M a girl, and it ain't scarin me away. I didn't know grammar correction could be that frightening.
friken feuer: you should see the girls at my school
friken feuer: they're stupid
KamotzLobo: Then why not scare them away? Why hang around with stupid people?
friken feuer: because stupid people are fun*wink wink nudge nudge*
KamotzLobo: *raises eyebrow* Is that supposed to mean something?
friken feuer: yep
friken feuer: gee u r smart
KamotzLobo: Yes I am, aren't I? Thank you for the compliment.
friken feuer: ur welcome
KamotzLobo: I can't help but wonder . . . are you purpousfully clicking the warn button? (just trying to make conversation)
friken feuer: what i haven't hit the warn button once
friken feuer: i swear
KamotzLobo: Hmm. Swearing and cursing will never get you anywhere
friken feuer: yes it will
friken feuer: it'll get me a detention
KamotzLobo: Man, yer teachers are strict.
friken feuer: yep
KamotzLobo: OMG! You said the H word! Detention for a week! =P
friken feuer: Hau Ab
KamotzLobo: What lanugage this time?
friken feuer: the "h" word as you so chose to put itwould only get me a demerit
friken feuer: my favorite language...........
KamotzLobo: Dah crap. Off again.
friken feuer: german
KamotzLobo: Coincidence. That's one of my favorites.
friken feuer: sweet
KamotzLobo: I like languages.
friken feuer: so do i
KamotzLobo: I wanna learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Latin, Swahili, Zulu, and Yoruba.
friken feuer: German and russian
KamotzLobo: How much russian do ya know?
friken feuer: none
KamotzLobo: Not even one widdole word?


Once upon a time there has a young ACTOR named JOE. He was QUICKLY LAZING in the SMALL forest when he met FUZZY BRANDON, a run-away STORYBOARD ARTIST from the FROZEN Queen CAMERON.

JOE could see that FUZZY BRANDON was hungry so he reached into his PACKAGE and give him his STUPID COOKIE. FUZZY BRANDON was thankful for JOE's COOKIE, so he told JOE a very FAST story about Queen CAMERON's daughter EVA. How her mother, the FROZEN Queen CAMERON, kept her locked away in a PIAZZA protected by a gigantic JAGUARUNDI, because EVA was so LOUD.

JOE SLEPT. He vowed to FUZZY BRANDON the STORYBOARD ARTIST that he would save the LOUD EVA. He would STARE the JAGUARUNDI, and take EVA far away from her evil mother, the FROZEN Queen CAMERON, and CLICK her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a SHARP HURRICANE and FUZZY BRANDON the STORYBOARD ARTIST began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic JAGUARUNDI from his story. FROZEN Queen CAMERON ATE out from behind a WATER BOTTLE and struck JOE dead. In the far off PIAZZA you could hear a BUZZ.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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